New Bible To Include Former President Obama’s Face To Accurately Reflect How He Feels About Each Page


The Bible: Barack Obama Edition is set to be released this Fall, and our teeth are falling out with anticipation.

We. Can’t Wait.

LifeWay officially announced that the new Bible will include former President Barack Obama’s face on each page to accurately reflect how he feels about them. Every page has a classic Barack Obama expression affixed to it.

“We asked President Obama if he would be willing to help us with the project, and he immediately obliged,” LifeWay President Thom Rainer told us with hotdogs in his mouth. “He literally did not hesitate at all to allow us to glue his expression-filled faces on each page. We were a bit shocked, to be honest.”

The real work, according to LifeWay representatives, was the tedious job of reading each page aloud to President 44 and photographing his face afterward. “He slept through most of the Pentateuch and minor prophets,” executive editor Mark Duren said. “Then he became visibly angry during Isaiah’s ‘Day of Wrath’ texts and God’s condemnation of idolatry. Our favorite Obama expressions were during Romans chapter one through three. He seemed genuinely confused, so he made some classic ‘What The What?’ faces.”

We are sweaty with anticipation!


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