Local Man’s Story Parallels Job’s Except For The Part Where He Holds Me Hostage

"I’m not one to get on my high-horse. I too find myself discouraged when life gets tough."

Some stories are so beautiful, they must be told. This local, earnest man’s story parallels the story of Job in every way except, right now, he’s got me tied up in a dungeon and is demanding ransom.

The Bible is very clear: God often uses suffering to get our attention. Sometimes, according to this kidnapper whom I’m strangely becoming attached to, suffering motivates people to put a ball-gag in my mouth and demand my family pay an exorbitant ransom to secure my release.

I’m not one to get on my high-horse. I too find myself discouraged when life gets tough. That, however, is no reason to wish you were never born, like Job did. You may never have had the life-changing experience of meeting a really cool felon and kidnapper who I’m oddly becoming more and more comfortable with as time goes on.

When life gives you gross lemons, when your kidnapper-pal is spouting vicious threats against you and your loved ones, or when it just feels like the person that you oddly consider to be your new best friend is in that murderous rage again that will likely end in your tragically-premature death unless he gets a bunch of money or finally sees your friendship for what it really is — make some of the best lemonade you’ve ever made and give it to your new best kidnapper.

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