Local Deacon Hopes This Meteor Shower Does The Trick So He Doesn’t Have To Help Another Family Move

"I understand Cheruth's desire to be hit by a meteor and left physically-unable to lift my enormous piano."

Cheruth Beantooth knows what it takes to slum furniture for his big church family. As a deacon of First Baptist Church Of Gleetonville, Minnesota, many of Cheruth’s hot summers and bone-chilling winters are spent weakening his already-compromised lower back by shoving wooden bed-frames through doorways and screaming to summon that last ounce of strength to get a couch upstairs.

After his wife and children fell asleep Sunday night, Beantooth snuck outside to watch the beautiful meteor shower predicted by notable astronomers Hilth Tammy-Duns, Greg Limp, and Shanya Whipseal on HLOMP TV News 7. As he watched the hot meteors streak across the sky, it became clear to those nearby that he had more sinister reasons for standing outside under the flying rocks.

“Cheruth has always been very expressive. He’s a boisterous man. Sunday night he kept yelling ‘Get down here and crush my bones, please!’ and, “Don’t take my life but simply leave me incapable of lifting furniture!’ He wanted to wear those piping-hot meteors real bad,” noted Paul Bedpan, Cheruth’s next-door neighbor.

“Beantooth helped my family move from this house to another across town, then back here. Then we loaded up a moving truck with our junk again, only to unload it as it was a false-alarm. I understand Cheruth’s desire to be hit by a meteor and left physically-unable to lift my enormous piano,” Violet Violet-Violin told us.

Cheruth Beantooth could not be reached for comment as he was busy with some stuff we needed moved to our new offices.

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