Inspiring: Arkansas Man To Host Bible Study In Every Denny’s Statewide

"You know, we could do this in every Denny's across our sparkling, varnished state!"

Tom Hungerpalms loves hosting Bible studies. He also can’t get enough of the casual, no frills dining experience he enjoys in his hometown Denny’s. That’s why, as Hungerpalms puts it, “It was a no-brainer to combine the two. They go together like pancakes and the sweet tree sap of the north!”

Hungerpalms has been hosting a small Bible in his hometown’s Denny’s in Fayetteville, Arkansas, for five years. According to witnesses, after his third breakfast omelette and finishing a discussion on last week’s chapter of The Purpose Driven Life , he looked at his friend Jack Tinsel and said, “You know, we could do this in every Denny’s across our sparkling, varnished state!”

“I think he’s seriously going to start a Bible study in every Denny’s in Arkansas!” said a tearful Jack Tinsel.

“Whether he’s face deep in a Grand Slam Pancake Breakfast or a Hearty Breakfast Skillet, Hungerpalms simply cannot wipe the sloppy smile that invades his face when he dines at Denny’s,” continued Tinsel. “In fact, Tom [Hungerpalm’s] favorite post on Facebook this year has been ‘Denny’s gives me the sloppy smiles’ followed by a heart shaped emoji.”

Hungerpalm’s declined to comment as he had the skin covered portion of his head a few inches deep in a plate of soft, steamy pancakes. However, he’s clearly set on hosting a weekly study in every shinny Denny’s location in Arkansas, “America’s Rodent State since 1836!”

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