Heartbreaking: This Child Brought His Own Nutella To Sunday School

"You'd never expect Henry to bring his own delicious chocolaty hazelnut snack from home. He's just not that kind of kid."
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Henry Skimmer is a normal, crumb-gathering 10 year-old who likes to draw faces on a piece of plain, white paper with a crayon or marker during Sunday School. He also enjoys raising his hand and eagerly answering questions like “who was Noah?” or “why do we close our eyes when we pray?” Henry usually answers questions with another, non-related question like “can we go outside?” or “where do rabies come from?” 

Henry is just your typical, horn-honking Sunday Schooler. This all changed when he decided to bring his own Nutella to Sunday School.

“I think that’s the saddest part,” says a pasty, well-marbled Sunday School teacher named Sarah Silverlace. “You’d never expect Henry to bring his own delicious chocolatey hazelnut snack from home. He’s just not that kind of kid.”

Classmates, teachers, and those other adults who stand around and pretend to help the teacher were all shocked and saddened by Henry’s bold, in-your-face snack surprise. A few of the children burst into tears as one of those anonymous, stand-around-and-watch-type adults scurried off to find Henry’s parents.

“I hope his parents sit him down for a nice chat, and I can only pray that Henry will keep his gooey, delicious snacks at home where they belong,” concluded the pale, glistening Silverlace.

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