From Now Until July 1st, Email Your Work To Us And We Promise To Publish It

What a golden opportunity!

You have great ideas, but you don’t know what to do with them. Your palm-pilot is full of half-baked brilliance, but nobody will publish them for the world to see. Perhaps you’ve sent your glorious, well-written attempts to other sites, only to receive some baked beans and a big fat, “Thanks, but no thanks.”

What a disgrace.

Because The Daily Cherub loves and appreciates their readers, we are making a Summer offer you cannot refuse: you write, we publish. As long as you meet our criteria, we, 100%, guarantee to publish the crap out of it.

The Ground Rules

  • Of course, we get full, unadulterated reign over your pieces. We retain the right to edit the bajeebies out of it in order to fit with our style and formatting. The reason for this is simple: we are absurdist humor, not satire. If you have some satire, we’ll take it, but we’ll play with it a bit to make it more, you know, Cherub-y.
  • The piece that you humbly send to us must reach at least 250 words in length and must be a sincere attempt at satire/absurdist humor.
  • We will accept your pieces from now until July 1st. As long as you meet the criteria above, we will plop that thing right on for your aunts, uncles, and cousins to see in the weeks after July 1st.
  • We get to sign you up for The Weekly Cherub, our newsletter chock-full of our favorite posts of the week, extras, and opportunities for swag.
  • If you want your name or Twitter handle associated with your piece, be sure to include the phrase “JEREMY, PLEASE INCLUDE MY [NAME/TWITTER HANDLE] IN THE PIECE” at the bottom.

Send your pieces to

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