Fascinating: 11 Tweets C. S. Lewis’ Cat Should Have Tweeted

@C. S. Lewis -where's the tuna? #hungrycat #IwantTuna

It has been 67 years since Garlic, C. S. Lewis’ favorite cat, has passed away. He was a black, furry cat who loved watching the neighborhood children play from the kitchen window. He never created an account on the social media platform “Twitter,” which would have allowed him to post snarky, feline-enhanced tweets. 

To commemorate his life, we imagined what it would’ve been like if Twitter existed in his day. Here are 11 tweets Garlic would’ve blasted into the interwebs.

1. Screwtape Letters? More like No Time for Belly Scratches Letters! Am I right? #catpride #rubmybelly

2. Getting really sick of @Alberto, the neighbor’s tom cat #peeinyourownyard #drinktoomuch?

3. Seriously, @Alberto, stay off my front porch. You’ve been warned! #catfight

4. @CSLewis where’s the tuna? #hungrycat #IwantTuna

5. Fell asleep on the toilet. Received a rude awakening!

6. Barcelona is probably Spanish for “burping burrito” #lookitup

7. Aslan is my hero! #bigkitty #Aslanlove

8. @Alberto, I’m about to Screwtape your letters! #ifyouknowwhatImean #getoffmyporch

9. Lazy afternoon #catnap

10. Who invented yarn? #buyyouadrink #hopeyoulikewarmmilk

11. @JRRTolkien, please, more cats in LOTR! #thinkAslan #lesserInkling

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