Enough Is Enough: Matt Chandler Called Out Whoever’s Been Putting Moist Bread On His Podium

"This cannot continue. Whoever you are, fess up."

The Village Church, led by cancer-survivor Matt Chandler, is one of the largest and most successful in the United States, but it looks like a controversy is a-brew in the Dallas Texas Mega-church. Someone has been setting a loaf of moist bread on his podium week after week, and it finally struck a nerve. Chandler, though one of Evangelicalism’s premier preachers, isn’t above calling someone out in the middle of a sermon.

“There is much that we are responsible for as pastors,” Chandler remarked just after walking on stage. “I am under stress constantly, and often experience anxiety and restless nights. Whoever is placing moist loaves of bread onto my podium every Sunday morning needs to stop.”

Chandler reportedly wheeled out dozens of moldy, wet loaves of bread in a wheel barrow and dumped it out on stage.

“This cannot continue. Whoever you are, fess up.”



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