9 Christian Blog Posts That Casually Referenced Robin Williams’ Box-Office Hit “Flubber” And Should’ve Gone Viral


In the blockbuster hit Flubber, Professor Philip Brainard (Robin Williams) experiments with new kinds of energy. Unfortunately, the mischievous Flubber seems to have a mind of its own. Here are nine Christian blog posts that casually referenced Robin Williams’ box-office Hit “Flubber” and should’ve gone viral.

1. Doug Wilson’s post, “Charitable Goop.” When Doug is on, he is really on. This was certainly the case with this gem of a post written in April of 2014. “The nasty green goop did a lot of things, and most of it was humorous, while some of it was actually beneficial to R. Williams’ character. It was a charitable goop.” This post should’ve gotten way more attention.

2. Lauren Chandler’s blog post, “Yes, That Green Glob Bounced Right Into Our Toilets.” Lauren Chandler, Pastor Matt Chandler’s wife, had much to say last May regarding the always-lovable Flubber. “Dropped right into our family toilet. Flubber has a wonderful sense of humor. We are so blessed.”

Too bad this didn’t go viral!

3. Randy Parsons’ “Big Sloppy Glob Stained My Slacks.” Deacon Randy Parsons had quite the experience worth writing about. “Big gross goo hopped right onto my slacks, left a stain. Then he was gone.” What a conundrum he found himself in!

4. Dan Phillips’ fine blog post, “Russia, Are You Hacking Our Flubber?” Yes, Flubber is amazing and comical in every way, but this incredible green glob comes with a price. “Russia wants a piece of our green Flub,” Phillips wrote on the Pyromaniacs blog in 2012. “This post is dedicated to Vladmir Putin. Vlad, are you or are you not attempting to hack this nasty, green, active glob and use it to your advantage?”

5. Wendy Crouton’s incredibly moving piece, “The Flubber Stole My Innocence.” While most blog posts were positive, Wendy’s was certainly the exception. “Flubber ruined my toilets and bounces on the back of my head all night long when I try to sleep. He is a menace and should be exterminated.” Incredible honesty like this should be rewarded with “shares” online.

6. Franklin Graham’s “President Trump Deserves All The Flubbers, And I’m Going To Give Them To Him.” Franklin Graham sure loves politics a lot for a pastor, and his March 2017 blog post was not an exception to this obsession. “Flubber has perfect comedic-timing and great work-ethic. Donald deserves Flubber, and he should find a place in his administration for the green, jiggly slop,” Graham wrote. What a public servant!

7. Dr. Michael Brown’s blog post, “The Lord Told Me Everything I Need To Know About The Green Gelatin-Man.” Dr. Michael Brown heard a still, small voice from God probably/maybe, and he learned a lot about the little guy. He wrote an informative blog post about it that may or may not be true, we don’t know. There’s literally no way to verify his claims, but the post should’ve gone viral, for sure.

8. Pastor John MacArthur’s fantastic piece, “Let’s Train The Flubbers To Shovel Snow, Weed Our Gardens, And Make Beef Stew, ASAP.” He was right on in his June blog post on the Grace To You website. “There’s no downside to utilizing Flubber and maximizing his potential. Let’s get him trained before he falls into bad habits.” Brilliant!

9. John Piper’s beautiful blog post, “Stop Wasting The Beautiful Green, Active Slop.” Piper is known for his passion and vigor. His latest blog post on the live, green blubber definitely showcased his energetic style. “He’s here — don’t waste the green sludge! He’s capable of so much!”


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