8 John MacArthur Burns That Need Some Ice Applied To Them Immediately

Sick burns.

Oooooooooooh, he got them good! These eight J-Mac disses will cause you to fill your mouth with birds and ride a train to the Iowa State Fair.

1. “Your eschatology is so bad Taylor Swift wants to date it.”

2. “We serve one Master. You serve Him in your way, we serve Him in His way.”

3. “Oh, did you need a drop of water to cool your tongue from that burn? I’m sorry, but betwixt me and you a great chasm is fixed…”

4. “I was an Arminian once. A wild horse named Barry kicked me, and then I read the Bible.”

5. “Pedobaptists? I don’t owe them nothing.”

6. “Your understanding of salvation has so many holes in it that I am succesfully using it to sift for gold in my back yard. No luck yet.”

7. “Bro, I’m like Abraham: I know a Lot.”

8. “Dawg, you so slow, you’re like a major prophet: I…say…uh…”

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