5 Prosperity Preachers Shared Their Favorite Childhood Memories With Us

Here they are.

1. Kenneth Copeland, Kenneth Copeland Ministries

“When I was a boy, my Pep-Pep gave me one of his red, beautiful used combs. I wasn’t sure what it was at first, so I buried it in my back yard in hopes that it might sprout into a vegetable that I had never seen before. After months of watering it and tenderly whispering baseball scores to it, I finally realized that that thing wasn’t going to grow.”

2. Mike Murdock, Wisdom Center

“My favorite childhood memory was finding that gross dead body with my neighbor, who was Ross Gellar from ‘Friends.’ I resurrected it and he became the beloved ‘Chandler.’ Then we just needed a couple more for a decent TV series.”

3. Paula White, Paula White Ministries

“I remember just karate-chopping all kinds of fruit that were thrown my way with my bare hands. I smile a lot now, but as a kid, everywhere I went, melons and miscellaneous fruit were tossed at me when I least expected it, and it caused a deep anxiety in me. My entire ministry — everything I am today — stems from the gratuitous throwing of fruit into my personal space, resulting in my dry karate-hands wasting those edible vitamin-houses.” 

4. Joyce Meyer, Joyce Meyer Ministries

“My brothers, Chim-bread and Cordless, taught me everything I know about fishing, hunting, and scavenging. If it wasn’t for Chim-bread and Cordless, my two handsome brothers, I would probably be a “normal.” Being a “normal” sounds icky to me. Chim-bread and Cordless taught me how to speak publicly, and they left me with three tips as a child for success: 1) For every book you read, burn three, 2) There’s zero chance you will live past eleven, and 3) Use the underside of Snapple bottle caps to communicate your friends and family. These tips were mostly trash, but I still have them tattooed on the back of my neck.”

5. Joseph Prince, Joseph Prince Ministries

“I went to hockey games with my Dad who was a die-hard Flyer’s fan. One time, he dressed my cold, boney body up as a Philadelphia Flyer and told me get on the ice and ‘mix it up.’ I got out there and fell through the ice, which led me to a secret room. Bill Gates was in that room, and he was inventing the Windows Operating System! I asked him if I could help, but he dressed me up as a member of the Philadelphia Flyers and sent me on up to play again. Here I was, a ten year-old, trying to score goals for a professional NHL team! Then I fell through the ice and drew the ire of Bill Gates again. The cycle continued.”

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