5 Fundamental Differences Between “The Shack” And “The Shaq”

We felt empowered to write this juicy article on the key differences between "The Shack" and The Shaq.

None of us have read The Shack, nor have we seen the movie most notably endorsed by hip-hop artist Lecrae, but we just read about it on Wikipedia and feel empowered to write this juicy article on the key differences between The Shack and The Shaq.

1. The Shack is about a man named Mack who probably slept in a purple shack that he found on his way to something cool, like a treasure chest or a salt mine. However, The Shaq went to LSU and played in the NBA for the Magic, Lakers, Heat, Celtics, and Cavs.

2. In The Shack, Mack walks across a lake with Jesus, sees an image of his father in heaven with Sarayu, and has a conversation with Sophia, the personification of God’s wisdom. The Shaq won four championships, three with Kobe Bryant and one with Dwyane Wade. He also received a few MVP’s to boot.

3. According to Wikipedia, “after spending the weekend at the shack, Mack leaves and is so preoccupied with his thoughts that he is nearly killed in an automobile accident. After his recovery, he realizes that he did not in fact spend the weekend at the shack, but that his accident occurred on the same day that he arrived at the shack.” The Shaq played some kind of genie in the movie Kazaam and attempted a rap career.

4. In The Shack, Mack had no relationship with his abusive father since he left home at age thirteen. He suspects that the note he randomly received may be from God, whom his wife Nan refers to as “Papa”. The Shaq currently co-hosts a show on TNT with Charles Barkley and Kenny “The Jet” Smith.

5. Wikipedi on The Shack: “Four years prior to the main events of the story, Mack takes three (of his five) children on a camping trip to Wallowa Lake near Joseph, Oregon stopping at Multnomah Falls on the way. Two of his children are playing in a canoe when it flips and almost drowns Mack’s son.” The Shaq wore the number thirty-four until he went to the Miami Heat. This is where he wore the number thirty-two.

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