Youth Leader’s Modeling Career In Jeopardy After Being Seen Eating Multiple Hardboiled Eggs


Reince Corbin-Triple, Youth Leader at Cherminople Wesleyan Church in San Antonio, Texas, got caught eating dozens of hardboiled eggs for lunch and now his future modeling career is in jeopardy.

Corbin-Triple has been leading the fifty-member Youth Group at CWC for two years, and he is generally regarded as “handsome” and “dreamy” by those who have been in his presence. Not only is he really really good at wearing nice clothes and sporting a trendy haircut, according to some, he is extremely photogenic.

“He takes between ten and twenty selfies a week and posts them on Instagram. He is also very well-groomed,” remarked Glenda Fever, secretary of CWC. “We all know this job was just a stepping-stone to a flourishing modeling career. Now he lost it all because he got caught eating nasty hardboiled eggs.”

Bill Plott, Pastor of Cherminople Wesleyan Church, noted, “If you want to clear a room out instantly, just let everyone watch you peel the shell off of that nasty boiled egg. A hot stink immediately rolls off that egg. Panic ensues. Disgusting hardboiled eggs look gross when you eat them. The yellow gets stuck in your teeth, and there is lots of smacking and chewing noises. In my opinion our Youth Leader no longer has a future in modeling.”

It looks like Reince Corbin-Triple’s worst fear is coming true: he will be a Youth Leader for many years to come.


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