New Low? Westboro Baptist Church Is Now Protesting William Lane Craig As He Takes His Cat For Walks


Westboro Baptist Church officially set its sights on a new target: Apologist William Lane Craig and his cat, Brandon.


The controversial Baptist church, based in Topeka, Kansas, got wind of Craig and Brandon’s walking habits and immediately sprung into action. Observers have noticed WBC’s particularly vicious campaign against owner and cat, and hope it ends soon.

“William and Brandon began taking their afternoon walks together last June, I believe. They never bothered anybody,” Shane Milkfashion, a neighbor of Craig, explained. “Then Westboro Baptist Church showed up with their ‘God Hates Cats’ and ‘Cats Go To Hell’ signs. They can’t shake ’em. Now we all just feel bad for those two.”

The aggressive church follows William Lane Craig and Brandon on their entire route through an Atlanta, Georgia suburb chanting “Cats are sick and gross,” as well as other more offensive things that we’d rather not share with our readers.

“Cats are sick and gross.”

Let’s just say, things are rough for the founder of Reasonable Faith Ministries.

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