Adorbs: This Filthy Know-It-All Is Ready For Showtime Tomorrow Morning

The filthy genius is putting Sunday School on her own broad, bony shoulders.

A smarty-pants seven year-old in Denver, Colorado is primed and ready to make a killer craft and answer as many Bible questions as she possibly can at the expense of the rest of her Sunday School classmates tomorrow morning, and we. have. goosebumps.

Dorothy Emerson can’t wait to be in the spotlight. “I think I have a little — well, I wouldn’t call it arrogance,” Dorothy said. “But I just have that confidence that I am a darn good girl and I will be dominating the Sunday School scene tomorrow.”

Emerson realizes her reputation as a filthy know-it-all is at stake.

“There’s a level of excitement you have to have, but there’s also a level of calm that you have to approach the morning with as well, knowing that you put in that work,” The dang genius said. “Not just the day before, but the days leading up to Sunday mornings, all the off-days — I just let my preparation take over.”

The others in her class feel a bit out-classed. “It’s scary,” Colin Richards told us. “No one’s quite performed in Sunday School the way she’s been doing it, as consistently as she’s been. I think Albert Mohler had some years of that, when he was using Greek and writing book manuscripts. But Dorothy has taken it to a pretty rare place in the history of Sunday School.”

Her Sunday School teacher had high praise as well: “I’ve never seen anything like Dorothy. Amazing.”

WOW! The filthy genius is putting Sunday School on her own broad, bony shoulders.

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