6 Thoughts That Go Through Every Pastor’s Mind After He Finishes Preaching His Sermon

Your pastor is feeling anxiety about "The Bag."
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There are over one-hundred pastors in the world, and all of us have wondered, after listening to a riveting, beautifully-enunciated sermon: “What could Reverend Gregory possibly be thinking about right now?” Here are six things that run through every pastor’s mind after preaching a sermon:

1. “Who should hold the commemorative bag of rice next week?”

Someone’s gotta’ do it. Someone needs to hold the rice bag in their lap next week.

2. “It is Toby Keith’s birthday.”

Each pastor is simultaneously relieved and worried about country artist Toby Keith’s upcoming birthday.

3. “What time should I show up for Toby Keith’s surprise party?”

Every pastor would rather not be late for Toby’s party if they can help it.

4. “I accidentally read Canterbury Tales instead of the Bible.”

It’s embarrassing, but even seasoned veterans read the wrong book up there sometimes.

5. “Did I accidentally wrap the commemorative rice bag to give to Toby Keith for his birthday?”

Your pastor is feeling anxiety about “The Bag.”

6. “Will I ever stop having bad dreams?”

Reality check: they only get worse.

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