6 Things To Never Say To A Single Man In Your Church

"The reality that he will never have his own family is enough for him."
Fuse via Getty Images

Reaching out to single men in your church is critical to building their confidence, but leave these six things out of the conversation.

1. “At least you have all of your faculties.”

Reminding your single friend that he is still alive and single makes being alone worse. He doesn’t want to know that he has all of his senses available to him to eat food, feel the soft skin of a pear, or see other women he most certainly will not be able to nab. Try to leave this one out of the conversation.

2. “Your house is burning down.”

Not only is he ignored by every woman that ever existed, but now he has to worry about all of his most precious possessions melting in a large fire most likely set by the neighbor kid. Please don’t tell him his house is burning down.

3. “I am burning down your house.”

Refrain from divulging the important, yet overwhelming information that you are in the process of cooking all of his trinkets in a spirit of revenge. The reality that he will never have his own family is enough for him.

4. “Stop looking for her and she will come.”

Yeah, right. Threatening him with violence will not calm him down. He won’t have the slightest idea what you mean by this and will interpret this as code for fisticuffs. This vulnerable place that he is in will lead him to many wrong conclusions about what you say.

5. “Let’s go to the IMAX.”

He doesn’t want your pity. That enormous screen will remind him of all the IMAX-less times he will never have with his beautiful children, Gorx-cran and Phimpus, because they will never come into existence.

6. “It was arson.”

Not the time nor the place.

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